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American Brass Quintet Editions

Medici Music—American Brass Quintet Performance Series 


Elizabethan Consort Music                            Ferrabosco/Mase            ABQ1

Selections from the Social Orchestra             Foster/Mase                   ABQ 2

Four Brass Band Pieces                                 Ripley/Mase                   ABQ4

Suite                                                          William Lovelock            ABQ3

Brass Quintet (1982)                                     Dan Welcher                   BR36


Balquhidder Music—American Brass Quintet Series


Three Venetian Canzoni                                Guami/Mase                   BQ-052

Four Monteverdi Madrigals                             Monteverdi/Mase            BQ-053

Fancies on Italian Madrigals                            Monteverdi/Mase            BQ-054

A Suite of 17th Century Dances                       Simpson/Mase                 BQ-055


Hickman Music Editions—American Brass Quintet Series 


Chansons                                                    Josquin/Mase                      HME 215

Elizabethan Ayres                                        Morley/Mase                       HME 201

Four Madrigals                                             Marenzio/Mase                    HME 199

Three English Fancies                                  Simmes/Mase                      HME 205

Three Italian Madrigals                                 Schutz/Mase                       HME 216

English Consort Music (six part)                     Ward/Mase                         HME 204

Blackbird Variations                                     Robert Dennis                     HME 189

Il Ritorno                                                    Robert Dennis                      HME 190

A Sense of Space                                         Robert Maggio                     HME 207

Quintet                                                       Steven Sacco                      HME 197


In preparation:

Courtly Dances & Canzons                            Brade/Mase                         HME

Music of 26th N.C. Regimental Band              Emmet/Mase                       HME


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